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Plenary presentations 

  • Ida Glaser (CMCS Oxford), Prolegomenon: What are the Gospels?

  • Ali Ataie (Zaytuna College), Authenticating the New Testament Gospels from a Sunnite Perspective

  • Abdulla Galadari (Khalifah University), The Qur'an and the parable of the rich man and Lazarus

  • Georgina Jardim (CMCS Oxford), Signs of God as marker of revelation in the Qur'an and the Gospel of John

As part of the 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam' (RBCI) project led by Ida Glaser at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford, a three-day conference discussed papers around the theme of interpretation of the New Testament gospels in Islamic contexts.  Selected papers will be edited for publication as a volume in the ‘Routledge Reading the Bible in Islamic Context’ series. 

Online engagement before and after the meeting are strengthening the ideas in each paper. All papers are posted on the 'Forum' page and all conference participants are encouraged to comment on them.

Also on this website is the the 'Share Space' is a place where you can put notices, post any relevant papers which are not part of the conference, and start your own group discussions.


Meet The Editors

of the planned conference volume

Shirin Shafaie

An editor of the first 'Reading the Bible in Islamic Context' volume, Shirin is currently working on her own monograph for the series - reading Genesis 37-50 in conversation with Shi'ite Islam.

 Shirin is also the founder and director of Visual Academics Ltd., which helps academics to use video media.

Steve Gertz

Steve will be defending his thesis for his PhD in Theological and Religious Studies at Georgetown University just before the conference.  He is an experienced editor with a current academic focus on how Muslim sectarian allegiances impact and shape Muslim relations with Christians

Ida Glaser

Leader of the 'Reading the Bible in the Context of Islam' project at the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, Oxford.

Co-series editor of the 'Routledge Reading the Bible in Islamic Context series.

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